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Do you own a local business in Houston, Texas and want to improve your position on the Google search results to attract more customers? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, you have come to the right place. FPR Networks will help you climb up in local search rankings.

About FPR Networks

FPR Networks in Houston, Texas for premium quality, optimised local SEO solutions to suit your business – we understand the local market and this lets us plan your best approach to seek out the right people to expand your business.

Keyword Research: The First Step

We always start out with as much detailed keyword research specific to your location as we can. This can include knowing what key words your potential leads use to search as well as including them in your content and meta data of your site. These can help your business show up in localised search results.

Google My Business: Your Business Card Online

Then you work on local SEO, which includes making sure your Google My Business listing (a listing on Google My Business is a must when it comes to local SEO) is fully optimized. That gets your business to show up well in Google Search and Maps, so that you’re found by local customers.

Backlinks: Building Your Website’s Credibility

We also work on securing some high quality backlinks from local websites. Backlinks are a pillar of our strategy. They count a lot in your website’s visibility and credibility.

Schema Markup: Assisting Search Engines

We also add schema markup to your site, which helps search engines understand your site data, and pinpoint the name, address and contact information of your business.

Performance Monitoring: Our Ongoing Commitment

Lastly, we believe in periodic checking and measuring your website’s SEO progress, with the aid of premium tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console to track the traffic and keywords your website gets ranked for and measure it against your competitors. This periodical analysis increases our effectiveness as we tweak our approach.

Why Choose FPR Networks?

So when you decide to work with FPR Networks, it’s not just an SEO company you are buying from; it’s a team invested in your success, a team that knows everything about the local market you’re trying to be found in and a team that has extensive experience delivering the best local SEO in Houston, Texas. So, contact us today on and lets get working on getting your business more local online exposure.

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